Cainiao is accelerating the deployment of smart logistics industry


YILIU KEJI is China’s leading smart Internet company focusing on the logistics industry. It has long been focused on the digitization and smart logistics, providing one-stop logistics transparency services


The Cainiao today announced that it is strategically investing in YILIU KEJI, smart logistics Internet company. This is another leading layout in the digitalization and intelligentization of logistics since Cainiao launched the IoT strategy. It is also an important step for Cainiao to speed up the construction of China smart logistics network and improve the efficiency of the network.

After this strategic investment, Cainiao and it will take advantage of the Internet, AI and big data to serve millions of trucks in China, helping drivers with intelligent line optimization, intelligent cargo loading and the dispatch of driving safety.


Cainiao is speeding up the development of new logistics way, through increasing the forward-looking investment of technology, it will help logistics enterprises to transform digitally in the digital economy era


“YILIU KEJI is in line with the digital upgrade direction of Cainiao logistics. This strategic investment will bring better technology research and development capabilities and greater technology application scenarios for YILIU KEJI, and jointly accelerate the efficiency of the entire logistics industry,” said Lin Wan, president of Cainiao.

Jingtao Zhang, chairman of YILIU KEJI, said, “Yiliu has always insisted on the interconnection of logistics infrastructure, the digitalization of the entire logistics chain and the intelligentization of the entire logistics scene, and promote the digital transformation of China’s logistics industry and improve the overall operation level of the Chinese logistics industry. The strategic cooperation between YILIU KEJI and Cainiao will bring about a good complementarity and synergy. We will provide support for the efficiency of Cainiao’s China smart logistic network and its accelerated launching of new logistics.”

On May 31, 2018, Cainiao proposed at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit to develop a logistics IoT strategy, using technology to connect the logistics the real world and the virtual world, and achieve logistics digitalization and intelligence.


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