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Bloomberg: “China’s economy will growth by 2.5% this year”

Chinese economy is growing again. Citing a survey of 67 economists, Bloomberg said that China’s…


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Chinese Consumers Boost E-Commerce to New Heights

Midyear “618” shopping festival kicks off today.  eMarketer: “Chinese online retail sales will rise 16%…


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Rural Commerce Continues Upward Momentum 

Is Rural Commerce the new face of Chinese e-commerce?Farmers reap gains in livestream boom. Let’s…


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Will China-style Live Commerce Boom Overseas?

Live commerce has risen in the East. Now, it’s about to take on overseas markets. MCN…


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How Alibaba Reinvented E-Commerce amid Covid-19  

COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of Tmall Global. Alibaba was able to reinvent its online retail during…


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Shanghai: Double Five Shopping Festival Topped US$2.2 billion in 24h

Chinese buy more groceries online, snap up laptops amid coronavirus. The two-month Shanghai Shopping Festival…


Business Stories

Livestreaming E-Commerce: China reached 560 Million Users in March 2020

E-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter reaching 560 million people, according…


Business Stories

Economy: China Hands Out Digital Coupons to Boost Consumption

Chinese residents can get the e-vouchers on online-payment platforms such as WeChat Pay or Alipay…


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Here’s how Livestreaming cope with Chinese Netizen daily life

The current healthcare crisis is a wakeup call for retailers. Let’s see how livestreaming is…


Business Stories

New Retail: More Than Online to Offline Integration

Retail is now at a crossroad and we have seen China becoming the leading innovator…