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Case Studies, China News

Chinese movie stars face salary restrictions

China’s tax officials have handed some of its biggest domestic stars a pay cut.  …


Case Studies, Platforms & Hi-Tech

Google invests in JD: e-commerce platforms accelerate internationalization

During this year‘s  618 shopping holiday, orders through amounted to $25.6 billion, or around…


Case Studies, Regulations

China’s proposed e-commerce law targets fakes

A proposed Chinese e-commerce law would make online retail platform operators accountable for counterfeit goods…


Case Studies, Platforms & Hi-Tech

Taobao goes rural

Alibaba reported Thursday that it plans to expand its rural e-commerce initiative to 1,000 counties and…


Case Studies, New Cities

Sichuan: investors look to ‘land of abundance’

The government has significant development plans for Chengdu, the capital of the growing Sichuan region. By…


Case Studies, New Cities

Guizhou is becoming a big data haven

Southwestern China’s Guizhou Province is developing into China’s go-to place for major company’s big data…


Business Insights, Case Studies

Trump: tariffs on Chinese goods will go forward

Departing from its fresh decision to put the trade war “on hold,” the Trump administration…


Business Insights, Case Studies

China set to approve Qualcomm-NXP merger, ZTE to reopen

  After significant delay, Chinese regulatory officials have signaled that they are ready to approve…


Case Studies

Alibaba CEO promotes New Retail in Japan

  Alibaba’s CEO recently traveled to Japan to promote its New Retail concept. Cifnews is…


Business Insights, Case Studies

Hip to it: Taobao wants to capture millennial market

Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao announced it will being increasing support for niches business as a…