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Will China-style Live Commerce Boom Overseas?

Live commerce has risen in the East. Now, it’s about to take on overseas markets. MCN…


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How Alibaba Reivented E-Commerce amid Covid-19  

COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of Tmall Global. Alibaba was able to reinvent its online retail during…


Business Stories

Shanghai: Double Five Shopping Festival Topped US$2.2 billion in 24h

Chinese buy more groceries online, snap up laptops amid coronavirus. The two-month Shanghai Shopping Festival…


Business Stories

Livestreaming E-Commerce: China reached 560 Million Users in March 2020

E-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter reaching 560 million people, according…


Business Stories

Economy: China Hands Out Digital Coupons to Boost Consumption

Chinese residents can get the e-vouchers on online-payment platforms such as WeChat Pay or Alipay…


Business Stories

Here’s how Livestreaming cope with Chinese Netizen daily life

The current healthcare crisis is a wakeup call for retailers. Let’s see how livestreaming is…


Business Stories

New Retail: More Than Online to Offline Integration

Retail is now at a crossroad and we have seen China becoming the leading innovator…


Business Stories

Social Commerce, here the Future of Ecommerce

China’s Social Commerce Continues upward Momentum. Here Four useful tips to success in Chinese social…


Business Stories

JD Drives Liquor Sales with Its “Online-Clubbing” 

How China was keeping busy during quarantine? With nightclubs closed and music events cancelled, a…


Business Stories

China Returns to Normality and Brands Turn to Livestreaming

Taobao Live reported +110% of its livestreaming activity. With offline businesses down, marketplaces and platforms…