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Alibaba, Vipshop,, and Amazon all want a piece of Australia

2017 marked the beginning of retail disruption in Australia. One by one, the world’s biggest…


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Brands should heed Chinese millennials’ love of ancient culture

Today, Chinese millennials are arguably the most important demographic segment on the planet – and…


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China’s online ‘recommerce’ market: Xianyu and Zhuan Zhuan

Chinese B2C e-commerce is top of mind, but a secondary C2C market is following close…


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Robot Report: A Comparative Look at Automation in E-commerce and Logistics

While talks of robots taking over humans’ jobs are future-oriented for some industries, for logistics…


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Will CATL Surpass Tesla in Capacity?

In 2015, China overtook the US as the world’s biggest market for electric cars; battery…


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Will cross-border be affected by US ‘America First’ agenda?

The future of the international economy seems to be in question as of late, with…


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Xiaomi Beats Samsung in India

Jan. 26, 2018 – The Indian market is now dominated by Chinese brands. According to…


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Kering-Owned Brand, Stella McCartney, Opens Pop-up Store Using Tmall

Kering, parent company of famous luxury brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen, will…


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Italian Luxury Brand Giorgio Armani in Cooperation with Alibaba

Following the launch of two Helena Rubinstein luxury beauty shops in China, on Dec. 25,…


Business Stories

Arctic Ocean Orange Soda Gives Its Own “Precious First Time” to Tmall

rctic Ocean is not just an orange soft drink – it’s a time honored brand…