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D&G: How (not) to Epic Fail in China

Marketing in a foreign culture is not easy, especially in China. D&G latest marketing failure…


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E-tourism in China: it’s Weibo the favorite travel app

As the purchasing power grows in China, a new DIY e-tourism is rising. No more…


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Anta: PRC Largest Sport Maker Will Beat Nike!

Is Anta setting or following the fitness trend? Fujian based sportswear brand is running to…


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Last Hope and Flavors of Youth: the arousal of the Chinese anime industry

The 90s kids do not overcome the love for Japanese anime. Now China wants to play…


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Tencent celebrates its 20th anniversary, but Shenzhen-based giant had bruising 2018

Pony Ma steers the company with new business plan. After seesawing 2018, Tencent CEO is…


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”I Am The Actor”, Tencent Bets on the Talent Show

Is AI going to determine future KOL? While the top Chinese reality show ”I Am…


Business Stories

“Double 11”: the Single Day of records

With $50 billion total revenue, “Double 11” 2018 edition has broken every conceivable record. Alibaba…


Business Stories

Clash of the Titans: Amazon and Alibaba Go Big on India

In the world of e-commerce, everyone know Amazon and Alibaba. After winning in many international markets,…


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Hi-tech stories: CloudWalk Technology and DJI, when AI meets Reality

Robot and AI used to belong to science fiction movies, but China surprises us once…


Business Stories

How Chinese Social-Commerce Became an International Trend

Facebook and Instagram embrace social-commerce? A news for Western consumers, although the integration between social…