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China 2025

Environment: China will band Solid Waste Imports

According to lawmakers, the country’s law on preventing solid waste pollution poised to take effect…


China 2025

Nikkei: “China regains 1.1% GDP growth in Q2”. But The Recovery is far from a V-shaped Rebound

The Country has confidence, strength to maintain economic development, but full-year estimate lowered to 1.6%…


China 2025

Beijing, LGBT Rights: Transgender Woman Sues Former Employer for Discrimination 

Chinese public opinion welcomes the historic court ruling on employment discrimination. The court: “Modern society…


China 2025

As Beijing Opens its Doors Foreign Firms invest into Chinese Companies, Despite Political Tensions

FDI rose $9.87 billion and more foreign businesses are buying into China, including deals in the…


China 2025

Wallonia Unveiled the New Representative Office in Zhengzhou

Europe in the hearth of China. China and Wallonia already launched in 2018 a new cargo…


China 2025 launches “Travel On” Initiative. $140 mln For Partners Group to revitalize travel with “Travel On” initiative. The Chinese group joins Google to launch…


China 2025

Luxury Brands Bouncing Back in China after COVID-19

McKinsey, Chinese luxury spending is expected to double to $169.7 billion by 2025. E-commerce platforms…


China 2025

“Made in China 2025”? Is not Dead At All

Although Chinese leadership no longer refers to it, ‘Made in China 2025’ is very much…


China 2025

Hong Kong, Economic Recovry, No GDP Target: 3 Keywords during Annual “Two Sessions”

China’s top political advisory body started its annual session Friday in Beijing, raising the curtain…


China 2025

JD Partners With Cloudflare to Expand its Cloud Network in China

JD and US firm Cloudflare join forces to challenge Alibaba in China’s vast cloud market…