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China 2025

NetEase Koala and Tmall International ranks among the top two Cross-border E-commerce Markets

In the first half of 2018, Netease Koala ranked first in the Cross-border E-commerce market…


China 2025

In the first half of the year, online retail sales reached 4.1 trillion RMB (596.3 billion USD), a year-on-year increase of 30.1%

China’s consumptions were generally stable, consumption structure continued to optimize, consumption contributed to economic growth…


China 2025

South Africa of the BRICS, Cross-border E-commerce customer unit price exceeds 100 USD

 According to the 2016 global consumer research report released by Ipsos, South African consumer shopping…


China 2025

Cross-border E-commerce: China’s consumption, the World benefits

As the world economy is recovering and world trade is slowly growing, a new form…


China 2025

Young Chinese consumers are the main consumers of luxury goods

  In addition to focusing on the young people market, luxury brands are accelerating the…


China 2025

E-business means China: is e-commerce making the world closer?

High-quality Chinese products are not far from Europe: cross-border e-commerce is making the world smaller. Does…


China 2025

BrandZ report: Tencent and Alibaba among world’s top 10 brands

  BrandZ is a brand equity database managed by the marketing firm Millward Brown. It…


China 2025

Alibaba CEO promotes New Retail in Japan

  Alibaba’s CEO recently traveled to Japan to promote its New Retail concept. Cifnews is…


China 2025

Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou leading Chinese high-tech revolution

In the past, China has always followed and imitated Silicon Valley, but in the mobile…


China 2025

China will show the world how to merge offline and online experiences

E-commerce trends are still difficult to understand. Hangzhou China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) will help…