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China 2025

E-business means China: is e-commerce making the world closer?

High-quality Chinese products are not far from Europe: cross-border e-commerce is making the world smaller. Does…


China 2025

BrandZ report: Tencent and Alibaba among world’s top 10 brands

  BrandZ is a brand equity database managed by the marketing firm Millward Brown. It…


China 2025

Alibaba CEO promotes New Retail in Japan

  Alibaba’s CEO recently traveled to Japan to promote its New Retail concept. Cifnews is…


China 2025

Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou leading Chinese high-tech revolution

In the past, China has always followed and imitated Silicon Valley, but in the mobile…


China 2025

China will show the world how to merge offline and online experiences

E-commerce trends are still difficult to understand. Hangzhou China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) will help…


China 2025

China 2025 and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: modernizing economies in parallel

Two economic initiatives to diversify and modernize the Chinese and Saudi Arabian economy have more…


China 2025

The future of technology for Alibaba scientists

What will the future of technology be like? To answer this question, 11 leading scientists…


China 2025

Brexit, the big question mark on UK-Chinese trade relationship

Britain prepares to leave the European Union in the next months’ time, but what’s after?…