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China 2025

E-commerce Amid Covid 19: How Consumer Behavior is Changing (and What to Do About It)

Companies which have gone digital are adapting to the crisis better than their peers. E-commerce…


China 2025

Chinese medical team arrives in London

Medical professionals from Shandong Province arrived in London to help fight Covid-19   Medical professionals…


China 2025

China moves to stabilize global supply. Industrial enterprises near full production resumption

Over 90% of the major industrial enterprises in China, except for certain areas including Hubei,…


China 2025

“In Wuhan”, the New Documentary Presented by Bilibili 

Recently, over 61,000 hours (equivalent to 7 years) of virus-related videos were created by uploaders….


China 2025

How Can we use AI in E-Commerce? 

AI will have a dramatic impact on the market in ways we can only imagine….


China 2025

Coronavirus: JD Uses Drones to Deliver Goods in Wuhan

Top priority? Delivering medical supplies. Beijing based e-commerce giant uses L4 autonomous driving androids to…


China 2025

Coronavirus: How AI is Making The Difference?

AI is becoming useful to monitor and respond to the crisis. From robots to telemedicine,…


China 2025

Livestreaming Market in China in Numbers

China is leading the world in using livestreaming to engage consumers on e-commerce platforms. Let’s see…


China 2025

Tencent unveils Youji

After “Echo”, “Youji” is Tencent’s latest experiment  due to satisfy the Gen Z’s appetite  …


China 2025

Tencent unveils audio social app ‘Echo’

“Echo”, Tencent’s another experiment  due to satisfy the Gen Z’s appetite   China’s Tencent has…