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China 2025

Tencent unveils Youji

After “Echo”, “Youji” is Tencent’s latest experiment  due to satisfy the Gen Z’s appetite  …


China 2025

Tencent unveils audio social app ‘Echo’

“Echo”, Tencent’s another experiment  due to satisfy the Gen Z’s appetite   China’s Tencent has…


China 2025

Alibaba breaks Alibaba’s record!  $38 billion on 2019’s Double 11

With $38 billion total revenue, “Double 11” 2019 edition has broken every conceivable record. Kaola,…


China 2025

US-China trade deal in near after progress in high-level talks

The Chinese Commerce Ministry, both sides had reached “consensus on principles” during a “serious and…


China 2025

Trade War? China launches World’s Largest 5G Network. Only $18 Basic Price

China officially launches ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, with plans available for as…


China 2025

How Chinese Green Tech is Drawing the Dragon’s Green Path

With the help of Green Technology, China is drawing the path of its “Green Long…


China 2025

Douyin? Here the Future of Social E-Commerce

Today it’s clear how Douyin is showcasing the future of social and e-commerce. Focus on…


China 2025

China turns 70, What’s Next?

The PRC celebrates 70 years since Mao announced its birth in 1949. Changes in the…


China 2025

Trade War: China Starts 6G R&D Despite US Fear of Recession

Despite Trump’s new round of tariffs, China takes giant steps into the Made in China…


China 2025, Tech Innovation

Green Economy: China is Ready to Replace Fossil Fuel Cars with Electric Vehicles

China said to be ready to phase out fossil fuels in favor of a total…