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China 2025

China is Leading Global Shift to Renewable Energy

Now, ever half of world’s new solar capacity is in China. Beijing is  pushing investments in…


China 2025

Is the Global Order Changing?

Last week UN assembly laugh of Donald Trump, meanwhile, China is becoming global leader in…


China 2025

China Will Dominate the World of Robotics

US-China trade war less impacted the sector, China purchased 141.000 industrial robots in 2017. PRC…


China 2025

Mr. Trump, Don’t use Trade as Weapon

  Donald Trump’s stance on trade could cause serious damage to the global economy and…


China 2025

Chengdu opens the Western China International Fair

  The event will last five days and will have technological development and the IA…


China 2025

“Made in China 2025” : Targets In Three Phases

“Made in China 2025”, China’s plan to shake up the high-tech world,  is aimed at increasing…


China 2025

China unveils the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge

Due to open to the public this summer, the new HKZM bridge will connect Chinese mainland…


China 2025

E-business means “China 2025”? CCEE Xiamen reveals cross-border e-commerce trends

The 2018 Xiamen China Cross-Border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) kicked off yesterday with presentations from movers…


China 2025

NetEase Koala and Tmall International ranks among the top two Cross-border E-commerce Markets

In the first half of 2018, Netease Koala ranked first in the Cross-border E-commerce market…


China 2025

In the first half of the year, online retail sales reached 4.1 trillion RMB (596.3 billion USD), a year-on-year increase of 30.1%

China’s consumptions were generally stable, consumption structure continued to optimize, consumption contributed to economic growth…