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China to set up new cross-border e-commerce pilot zones for greater opening-up

On July 13 the State Council officially decided to set up a batch of cross-border…


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Chinese movie stars face salary restrictions

China’s tax officials have handed some of its biggest domestic stars a pay cut.  …


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Beijing metro to introduce bio-identification ticketing

Tickets might soon go extinct at the Beijing metro, with plans to introduce a bio-identification system…


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Self-driving delivery robots arrive in Beijing

A fleet of self-driving delivery robots have arrived in Beijing’s Haidian District courtesy of…


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Chinese Ethereum wallet moving to Singapore

  Chinese Ethereum wallet imToken announced it will be moving its global headquarters to Singapore…


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‘Impulse divorces’ deterred with quizzes in some Chinese provinces

  With divorce rates in China rising, some provinces are turning to an unusual method…


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China, ‘opening up,’ cuts import tariffs on more products

China is reducing import tariffs on a variety of everyday consumer goods beginning July 1,…


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Google to hold 1st Asia ‘Demo Day’ in Shanghai

Google wants to know: does your startup have what it takes to be the next…


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1st China-Europe train dedicated to e-commerce arrives

A China-Europe direct freight train that exclusively serves e-commerce has arrived for the time in…


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Tmall launches consumer services center in Hangzhou

Tmall‘s fashion and luxury division has partnered with Alibaba-owned mall operator Intime on a new…