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Coronavirus: China starts clinical trial for vaccine

108 Chinese volunteers recount their experiences. Among them Chen Wei, a major general and military…


Tech Innovation

New Retail: Ikea Launches First Virtual Shop on Tmall

This is the last attempt for Swedish giant to revamp sales in China. The “New…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company launched new platform ‘Feishu’

The global market for collaborative apps reached $16.5 billion last year. ByteDance to launch Google-ike…


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Momo launches short video social app ‘Duiyan’

With over than $5 billion, video streaming industry is Chinese hi-tech world hot topic right…


Tech Innovation

Beijing is ready to digitize national healthcare system 

Alibaba and WeChat will be the Government’s armed branch due to digitizes national healthcare system…


Tech Innovation

Facebook is copying TikTok: Instagram launches Reels

After the failure of Lasso, this is the last attempt to compete with TikTok. Zuckerberg…


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Tencent bets on the Indian video streaming segment

    It is estimated that by 2020 India will have over 650 million Internet…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance and Yinyuebang, the new music app

    The world of social networks in China could be being upset by the…


Tech Innovation

China, netizens spend 15% of the time browsing short videos

    A common Chinese Internet user consumes over six hours of the day on…


Tech Innovation

WeChat Pay, Fen arrives: money transfer via phone numbers

    The functionality, which aligns the Tencent system with that of Alipay, is now…