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E-commerce Platforms: latest updates

E-commerce Platforms

WeChat, 688 million users took advantage of Hongbao during Chinese New Year

Great success for WeChat Hongbao, which involved 688 million users during the Chinese New Year….


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba’s offer at Disney: shows on Youku

Disney has just turned down the business deal with Netflix, but not with Alibaba. The…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba technology powers 2018 olympic games

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, and Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group,…


E-commerce Platforms

Has Apple Pay lost in China? Apple stores to accept Alipay

Apple has accepted an inevitable truth: Alipay and WeChat Pay are here to stay. All…


E-commerce Platforms

Philippines Government Ministers Make Trip to Learn from Alibaba

Alibaba’s Xixi Park ushered in 25 special guests this week, one of whom is Carlos…


E-commerce Platforms

Netease’s Kaola Opens First Cross-border E-commerce Offline Store

Kaola, NetEase’s e-commerce platform for foreign companies, will open its first offline cross-border e-commerce store…