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E-commerce Platforms: latest updates

E-commerce Platforms

JD.com National Holiday Big Data: Online Sales increased by nearly 40% year-on-year

During the National Holiday Week of this year, the consumer market was hot. The overall…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat payment internationalization: Hong Kong people can use WeChat wallet in the Mainland

Tencent has completed another breakthrough in the field of payment   Since October 1, 2018,…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba Cloud sets up Technology Poverty Alleviation Alliance

More and more farmers are taking the lead in using technology to get out of…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Medical: Medical Health Strategy

Through joint cooperation with professional partners in the medical and health industry, the JD Cloud…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Global Expand in Korea

JD.com’s cross-border e-commerce platform, JD Global, established an office in Seoul, South Korea   JD…


E-commerce Platforms

JD mobile strategic cooperation with Dixintong

JD Mobile and Dixintong will cooperate in all aspects of branding, marketing, supply chain, and…


E-commerce Platforms

NetEase Kaola signed a contract with Laox

Founded in early 2015, NetEase Kaola has quickly become the leader in cross-border import retail…


E-commerce Platforms, Tech Innovation

Putin: Full support for the development of Alibaba in Russia

Alibaba and Russia’s Direct Investment Funds(RDIF), Mail.Ru Group, MegaFon announced a new strategic partnership, showing…


E-commerce Platforms

Is Really Jack Ma Retiring From Alibaba? Not Yet

No, Jack Ma is not ‘retiring’, yet. According to SCMP, the New York Times report…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba signed a cooperation agreement with Mexico in the past year, not reaching standard

In September of last year, Alibaba signed a cooperation agreement with the Mexican government to…