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E-commerce Platforms: latest updates

E-commerce Platforms

Social E-Commerce: in China the Sector Doubles

    Social commerce is the use of social networks in the context of e-commerce…


E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce: JD.com Challenges Pinduoduo Thanks To WeChat

    Alibaba and JD.com are penetrating lower-tier cities, challenging Pinduoduo in the e-commerce market…


E-commerce Platforms

China, the Livestream Economy Opens Up New Possibilities

    Livestreaming has become a viable source of revenue thanks to the booming Chinese…


E-commerce Platforms

Antwork, the Chinese Startup Wants to Replace Human Couriers with Drones

    Antwork wants to build low-altitude airspace logistics networks in urban areas    …


E-commerce Platforms

Starbucks-Alibaba: Tmall Genie is Born From the Collaboration

    The intelligent speaker will allow you to order food and drinks that will…


E-commerce Platforms

Tmall Luxury Pavilion has New Luxury Brands From Tapestry Inc.

    On the Alibaba Group’s dedicated platform for luxury and premium goods, the Tmall…


E-commerce Platforms

Lazada is Leader of E-Commerce in South-East Asia

  With over 50 million buyers, Lazada, a Singapore e-commerce company founded by the German…


E-commerce Platforms

Douyin vs Kuaishou: How Short-Video Apps are Leading E-Commerce

Video content is leading the e-commerce sector in China. But as short-video apps leverage this…


E-commerce Platforms, Market Insights

Video-Driven E-Commerce: the Next Frontier for Online Retail

Video content has completely changed the way consumers do and conceive purchases. After having pioneered…


E-commerce Platforms

Pinduoduo vs Alibaba: is the Shanghai App Challenging Jack Ma’s Company?

From the primacy in lower-tier cities, Pinduoduo now looks for competition with China’s e-commerce giants…