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Cross-Border Regulations: latest updates

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China launches a new law for cross-border e-commerce

As the State Council decided to expand the list of products that can be imported…


Cross-Border Regulations

New China’s E-commerce Law: 5 Things You Need To Know

The Chinese government is ready to enact its first-ever e-commerce law: the new legislation is…


Cross-Border Regulations

Trade war: Tesla is worried about new Chinese tariffs

  According to the American company, the combination of rates and transportation costs is damaging…


Cross-Border Regulations

Alibaba appeared at the International Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Conference to share the experience of counterfeiting China

On September 26th, Alibaba Chief Platform Governance Officer Zheng Junfang made a keynote speech at…


Cross-Border Regulations

Scams online, two million people cheated with fake Huawei products

  Plastic products were sold free with the Huawei brand, but the commission was from…


Cross-Border Regulations

China, WTO request for new sanctions against the USA

  China has demanded an annual $ 7 billion trade sanction on US assets  …


Cross-Border Regulations

FIFA: sellers on AliExpress can’t use World Cup trademarks

  Sellers on AliExpress are not allowed to use FIFA’s intellectual property, including trademarks and…


Cross-Border Regulations

WeChat rolls out new privacy rules

Popular Chinese social platform WeChat issued new rules that aim to protect user privacy. The…


Cross-Border Regulations

China: revolution in the process of establishing foreign-owned companies

  The State Council decided that, starting from June 30, most bureaucratic operations for companies…


Cross-Border Regulations

China: lower taxation for those who import products

As the US increases customs rates with the rest of the world, the State Council…