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Sichuan: investors look to ‘land of abundance’

The government has significant development plans for Chengdu, the capital of the growing Sichuan region. By…


New Cities, Platforms & Hi-Tech

Alibaba opens Kuala Lumpur office, deepening Malaysia ties

In an effort to increase cross-border e-commerce opportunities and deepen ties with Malaysia, Alibaba launched…


New Cities

2018 CCEE Hangzhou unites China, European e-commerce interests

  2018 CCEE Hangzhou kicks off with innovators from all over the world.   The…


Case Studies, New Cities

Guizhou is becoming a big data haven

Southwestern China’s Guizhou Province is developing into China’s go-to place for major company’s big data…


New Cities, Platforms & Hi-Tech

Amazon Global launches e-commerce park in Xiamen

  Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Park has opened its doors, signaling the region’s readiness to embrace…


New Cities

‘Smart cities’ take shape in China

China’s urbanization and Chinese cities’ eagerness to “go smart” could mean great business opportunities for…


New Cities

Why is Beijing investing in Xinjiang?

The Autonomous Region in western China is seeing dizzying growth and investment   China’s far west…


New Cities

China approves plan for Xiongan New Area southwest of Beijing

Last weekend, Beijing and Hebei pledged their full support for the construction of the Xiongan…


New Cities

Xi’an: the Chinese city at the start of the New Silk Road

Its central position allows for strategic growth and development, and a future as China’s fourth…


New Cities

Second-tier cities: the new foundation of the Chinese economy

In the not-so-distant future, more than half of the rich Chinese will be in second-tier…