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New Cities

Yangzhou: a History of Fast Growth and Preservation in the Jiangsu Province

China is a melting pot of different experiences and multifaceted successes. Among the top PRC…


New Cities

The 5 Most Exciting Asian Startup cities

Where to startup in Asia?  Still now the Asian startup scene remains somewhat of a…


New Cities

Budapest’s Key Role in Chinese New Silk Road

China is knocking to Europe’s door and Hungary is playing a key role in this…


New Cities

Unknown but Intelligent: Yinchuan is a Smart City Example from North-Central China

In 2016 Yinchuan became China’s first urban center to regulate as a Smart City. Mostly…


New Cities

Top 5 PRC Cities with Highest Growth Rate

In China, lower-tier cities are challenging the dominance of first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai…


New Cities

First-Tier Suburbs: the Unspoiled Land with Great Economic Potential

A journey within the suburbs of China’s largest first-tier cities. An unexplored and unspoiled land,…


New Cities

China’s Top 5 Cities with Highest GDP in 2018

Shanghai and Beijing topped the list, but new cluster such as Chongqing lead also growth…


New Cities

Fuzhou and Xiamen: the Gateway to the Global Market lies in Fujian

From centers of China’s trade to innovation hubs, Fuzhou and Xiamen attract local startups and…


New Cities

Jinan and Weifang: the Shandong Tier 2 Cities to Keep An Eye On

While preparing for its leadership role in the hi-tech industry, China is investing in tier…


New Cities

Not only Beijing or Shanghai, these 5 PRC Cities’ Economies are Booming

In the not-so-distant future, more than half of the rich Chinese will be in cities…