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New Cities

Jack Ma intends to make Hainan Province a giant smart city

On Feb. 20, the government of Hainan Province signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements…


New Cities

G50 Smart City Summit, China and the USA together for the new technology cities

A bridge between the US and China for smart cities. It is the proposal made…


New Cities

Here’s how the Chongqing-Chengdu partnership pushes China forward

A double-digit GDP and future prospects abroad Chongqing and Chengdu represent the new frontier of…


New Cities

Hubei, a great future for Yangluo: the expansion of the port is under way

The Yangluo port, overlooking the Yangtze River in the central province of Hubei, has a…


New Cities

Fujian Is Growing and the Time to Invest Is Now

Beijing fuels the second cities race investing in one of the Dragon’s most dynamic and productive…