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Is Hainan Island ready to Become the New Bridge Between China and Overseas Market? 

Beijing unveiled its plan to transform its “Hawaiian Paradise” into new tourists hot spot and…


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New Retail: JD Launches SEVEN FUN Experiential Store

Even in e-commerce era, retailers are opening brick-and-mortar spaces around experiences to attract and keep…


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EU Cross Border E Commerce Forum Kicks Off with Innovators from All Over the World

BRI and Cross-Border E-commerce the major trends in international business. How East and West could…


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Is Really Jack Ma Retiring From Alibaba? Yes and No. Let’s see Why

 Jack Ma steps down as Alibaba’s chairman. He totally represents the Chinese dream’s view. Ma…


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Didi: Public Transit Data For Urban Planning

    The move will win the goodwill of the company by city officials  …


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Save the Date: EU CBEC Forum 2019 – Cross-Border Through the BRI

Cross-border is showing us how China and EU have huge space and potential for exchanges…


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“Real like Me”: Alibaba launches new social app 

Alibaba’s new attempt to break into the social media sector following JD and ByteDance steps…


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Vivo develops the 5G with the new NEX 3 smartphone

    The 5G version of NEX 3 is equipped with the latest antenna technology…


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China, the Central Bank injects liquidity into the market

  The move came after the central bank paid 80 billion yuan as time deposits…


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China, Belgium to strengthen cooperation

China, Belgium set model for China-EU cooperation. Beijing is ready with Brussels to strengthen the…