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Is Really Jack Ma Retiring From Alibaba? Yes and No. Let’s see Why

 Jack Ma steps down as Alibaba’s chairman. He totally represents the Chinese dream’s view. Ma…


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China, the Central Bank injects liquidity into the market

  The move came after the central bank paid 80 billion yuan as time deposits…


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China, Belgium to strengthen cooperation

China, Belgium set model for China-EU cooperation. Beijing is ready with Brussels to strengthen the…


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E-commerce in China? Almost US$7 trillion business

China retail trend 2019; to hit US$6.77 trillion, fueled by e-commerce and new retail  …


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Stores and businesses join Tmall double 11

Hundreds of supermarkets and retail stores join Tmall’s Double 11   On October 18th, Tmall…


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Xiaomi, JD, Alibaba and Tencent ready to enter in Hong Kong fintech

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) had received applications for virtual banking licenses from 29 institutions,…


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Across US states prepare for internet tax, but will they profit?

On April 17th, the US Supreme Court prepares to hear a case brought forth by…


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People’s Bank of China to crackdown on mobile payments

China is living in the cashless future. Up until three years ago, cash was king,…


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China and World Customs Organization develop standards at cross-border e-commerce conference in Beijing

Cross-border e-commerce is booming in China. At this week’s first international conference on cross-border e-commerce…


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U.S. Trade Representative Lacks Evidence to Blacklist Taobao, China Says

Jan. 24, 2018 – At a routine press conference last Thursday, Press Spokesman of China’s…