CCEE Shenzhen: the first cross-border e-commerce exhibition of 2018


The 2018 CCEE Shenzhen event connected manufacturers, service providers, and platforms.


On March 22-23, 2018, the Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition was held in Shenzhen, China. Over 300 manufacturers, 50 service providers and 18 major global cross-border e-commerce platforms gathered together at the exhibition.

Beginning in 2017, Cifnews has raised the bar of professionalism for cross-border with the CCEE, the most influential cross-border e-commerce exhibition in China, registering over 45 thousand attendees in the first year.

The mission of CCEE is to help Chinese factories make effective use of the opportunities offered by cross-border e-commerce and to make Made in China products align with the trend of fragmented ordering of the global market in order to provide supply chain flexibility for global e-commerce enterprises and offline retailers. CCEE’s biggest advantage is that exhibitors can provide a continuity of supply service, “MOQ ≤ 10 PCS”, for buyers.

In addition to showcasing factories and producers, CCEE has been joined by the biggest e-commerce companies at the global level. E-commerce platforms and service providers including Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Bing, PayPal, DHL, and Wal-Mart took part in CCEE so far.


A huge crowd of attendees, from all across the county and abroad.


“As we posted conference activity to our social media accounts, our 3000 booklets and marketing materials were all handed out,” said one representative from Asintm, a company focusing on the intellectual property of cross-border e-commerce.

Producer of spa products and tanning tents, iBeauty, stated: “Shenzhen is a leading area for economic reform and opening up to global markets – its market sensitivity is always faster than other cities. Cifnews really has an awesome influence and over 300 products, which were exhibited at the CCEE exhibition, were all sold out within three hours. Participating in the CCEE exhibition is an absolutely correct choice.”


Top global companies shared their industry experience at the Shenzhen exhibition


Tong Jiang, director of Tmall Global’s Project Investment and Operation, disclosed two of the core strategies of Tmall in 2018. One is to help Chinese brands and Made in China products expand in the global market; the second is to focus on improving service systems and consumer shopping experience via technology.

Sharon Li, Business Development Manager of eBay Southern China, gave insights to sellers during CCEE Shenzhen; Qiang Bai, senior manager of AliExpress Southern, also analyzed the development situation of cross-border e-commerce, defining the Chinese population as “the most connected in the World”.


This summer CCEE will go to Hangzhou, the Chinese capital of e-commerce and digital innovation.


This was the first CCEE installation of 2018: on June 12-13 the event will be held in Hangzhou for the first time, with an expected attendance of over 50 thousand people.

CCEE Hangzhou 2018 is sponsored by the Ministry of commerce of Zhejiang Province and co-organized by Cifnews and the E-commerce Promotion Committee of Zhejiang Province.






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