CCEE visits Europe – Federlegno Arredo and Cifnews share future vision


Cifnews’ first stop in Europe is Federlegno Arredo (FLA) in Milan


The finale of the CCEE (Cifnews cross-border e-commerce) Exhibition in Shenzhen in March brought several exciting establishments.

First, under the guidance of Zhejiang Government, Cifnews will join the Zhejiang Province E-commerce Promotion Association to hold the 2018 (Zhejiang) CCEE.

Then, Cifnews’ founder & CEO Barry Weng, VP Ken Zhao and the Global team set off for a visit to the Europe market.

The special trip to calling for European collaboration not only adds an international element to the CCEE (Zhejiang), to be held in June but also follows the mission of Cifnews: to help global SMEs do cross-border business.

Cifnews will integrate more resources around the world to help Chinese premium brands access the global market.

Cifnews and the three leaders of the Federlegno Arredo negotiate the cooperation of CCEE international sellers

To kick off the trip, on March 30, Barry Weng, Ken Zhao and the team of Cifnews’ European branch visited the Federlegno Arredo (FLA) in Milan. Roberto Cuneo, the director of the association, and Alessandra Barbetta, project business manager discussed the possibility of future cooperation with Cifnews CCEE.

Federlegno Arredo has 2,300 member companies and is also the host of FLA Event, a world-famous furniture fair.

In the cooperation, both parties aim to help Sino-Italian furniture companies cooperate with each other. The two sides expect to jointly organize CCEE in Chengdu, Sichuan on May 30-31, 2018. Meanwhile, the FLA will organize and invite furniture companies to visit China and have an involved conversation with the Chinese furniture industry. Also, FLA will invite Italian sellers to attends the CCEE (Zhejiang), held in Hangzhou on Jun. 12-13, 2018.

In the Milan office of FLA, the two sides discuss the close cooperation between CCEE and FLA.

Since Federlegno Arredo is the host of the FLA Event, Cifnews and the association will cooperate closely to bring together CCEE and FLA. The two sides are expected to achieve strategic cooperation between the two major exhibitions, but related details are still in negotiation.

The FLA Event has a long history of 55 years. There is no doubt that the event has been recognized by the global industry both in terms of scale and global influence. Therefore, it can be said that the FLA, held in April each year is a gathering feast for the global household industry practitioners.

If you want to cooperate with more global brands and associations, and want your products to be accessed by more overseas buyers and consumers, please view to register for the Cifnews 2018 (Zhejiang) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition, held on June 12-13, 2018.



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