CCEE visits Europe – Lengow to attend CCEE Hangzhou


Lengow, a leading global service provider of e-commerce automation solutions, to attend CCEE Zhejiang with a special booth of 36 square meters


Under the guidance of Zhejiang Government, Cifnews announced that it would join the Zhejiang Province E-commerce Promotion Association to hold the 2018 CCEE Hangzhou. Then, Cifnews’ founder & CEO Barry Weng, VP Ken Zhao and the Global team set off for a visit to the European market.

The special trip calling for European collaboration not only adds an international element to the CCEE Hangzhou, which will be held in June but also follows the mission of Cifnews: to help global SMEs do cross-border business.

Cifnews will integrate more resources around the world to help Chinese premium brands access the global market.

On April 3 local time, Barry Weng, founder, and CEO of Cifnews, Ken Zhao, VP of Cifnews, Guido Ghedin, COO of Cifnews Global and the global team arrived in Paris, France, having an in-depth negotiation with Lengow’s COO Nenad Cetkovic.

Cifnews team and Lengow team

Cifnews and Lengow reached a consensus on Lengow’s entry into the Chinese market and its participation in the CCEE (Zhejiang). During the CCEE (Zhejiang) conference held on Jun. 12-13 2018, Lengow will attend it with a special booth of 36 square meters. Meanwhile, its executives will present a speech about European e-commerce market dynamics and opportunities.

Barry Weng and Nenad Cetkovic

Lengow hopes to cooperate closely with Cifnews in the Chinese market and the European market and is expected to organize and invite executives of some well-known e-commerce companies in Europe to attend the CCEE (Zhejiang).

Lengow is a global leading service provider of e-commerce automation solutions and is committed to helping e-commerce sellers to provide more convenient and wider global smart distribution channels to any country in the world. The platform can help e-commerce companies connect with 1800 global sales channels. Currently, there are many globally renowned brands working with Lengow.

Guido Ghedin, CMO of Cifnews Global spoke at last year’s 5th LengowDay

In the very long time to come, Cifnews will also cooperate with Lengow, including Cifnews will be invited to participate in Lengowday, which brings together e-commerce industry leaders and senior managers in Europe and the world. As early as last October, the 5th LengowDay Global Cross-border E-Commerce Summit was held. Cifnews was the only Chinese media invited to share the trends of Chinese e-commerce.

This cooperation is another important cooperation project of CCEE after cooperating with Federlegno Arredo (furniture & design association) and Italian e-commerce leading agency Filoblu. It is also a key step for Cifnews to introduce globalization resources. In the future, Cifnews will continue to develop global markets, continue to launch sites of France and Germany and then serve the global sellers more fully.

If you want to know more market opportunities in France, please visit to register for the Cifnews 2018 Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition, held on June 12-13, 2018.


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