CCEE Xiamen Wallonia forum: The best way to enter Europe, differentiated logistics solutions


The Wallonia forum during CCEE Xiamen brought Chinese and European experts to share with sellers the experience of cross-border e-commerce.


On August 22nd, the three-day 2018 (Xiamen) Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition grandly opened at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. The event was crowded with sellers, factories, third-party service providers and platforms.

On the morning of the 23rd, during the Wallonia forum, Michel Kempeneers, COO Overseas of Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (Awex), Dongqing Zhang, manager of the EU-China Logistics Incubator, Franck Toussaint, Logistics and supply chain expert of Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (Awex) , Amberly Li, China Business Department of Ouyao, and other Chinese and European e-commerce experts attended to discuss the best way to enter Europe and share the experience of Europe cross-border e-commerce to sellers.


Under the “One Belt One Road Initiative”, China-Belgium e-commerce and logistics cooperation will grow stronger, to benefit whole Europe


In the opening speech, Michel Kempeneers expressed his hopes of strengthening the cooperation and development of China-Belgium e-commerce and logistics under the One Belt One Road initiative. He said that one of the cooperation between China and Belgium is the establishment in Louvain-la Neuve of the China-Belgium Technology Center (CBTC). This center is the first Chinese overseas science park in Europe, a ground-breaking project for the China-EU high-tech innovative cooperation.

Michel Kempeneers said, “As one of China’s most visible investments in Belgium, CBTC is devoted to building a platform and workstation for China-EU high-tech company cooperation, including technology/patent transfer, strategic investment, industry cooperation, for both Chinese and European business.”

He also expressed, “Your government’s “One Belt One Road” initiative is of particular interest to me in this regard. I have already indicated several times the importance of this project in building solid and lasting bridges between Wallonia and several Chinese provinces, with the aim of making our region a first choice partner in the heart of Europe.

Liege Airport is currently studying the possibility of putting its expertise at the disposal of the development of the biggest Chinese e-commerce keyplayers, as Cainiao, 4PX or SF Express. My teams are also analysing the possibilities of operating a regular rail link between Zhengzhou and Liège. The first results seem promising and the objective quickly achievable.

I allow myself to submit this project to your dynamism and to mobilize the Chinese train and airfreight managers from Fujian to be part and achieve this common objective.”


EU-China Logistics Incubator – the ideal gateway for Chinese cross-border e-commerce to enter the European market


Wallonia is located in the European Golden Triangle Logistics Circle, providing an important logistics channel for global trade transfer and distribution in Europe. It is where cross-border e-commerce companies/sellers must land when entering Europe. Eu-China Logistics Incubator, jointly established by Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (AWEX), Liege Airport and Logistics in Wallonia, is also located here, providing services for Chinese logistics and cross-border e-commerce companies.


Dongqing Zhang, general manager of EU-China Logistics Incubator, said that EU-China Logistics Incubator can not only provide free office and mailbox for cross-border e-commerce sellers, but also help sellers apply for settlement benefits and subsidies provided by the Belgian government to help sellers build or lease bonded warehouse


In the future, the EU-China Logistics Incubator will create a complete e-commerce ecosystem, bringing together manufacturers, logistics companies, customs clearance companies, sales platforms, and VAT service companies to harness the power of all parties to form a clustering effect and provide services for cross-border e-commerce companies in China.

For Chinese sellers entering Europe, VAT and logistics are two big problems. At the event, Franck Toussaint’s presentation on differentiated logistics solutions provided a new way for sellers to solve these two problems.

According to Franck Toussaint, Belgium is located in the heart of Europe. Compared with other parts of Europe, Belgium has lower production preparation costs, land development costs and transportation costs, and has an absolute advantage in logistics and transportation.


In response to the VAT issue, Franck Toussaint said that although the European VAT is unified by the European Union, the operational details of each country are different. The Belgian government has introduced the “90-day duty-free warehousing” model for Chinese sellers’ products entering Belgium


In the temporary supervision warehouse at Liège Airport, the seller has 90 days to sell the product, without having to pay the VAT in advance, which will not only help the seller’s cash flow, but also to some extent, will help cross-border sellers save significant logistics costs. In addition, through the Belgian pre-declaration mechanism, goods can be cleared within a few minutes, greatly reducing customs clearance time.

Meanwhile, Amberly Li, China Business Department of Ouyao,  introduced to Chinese sellers “how to optimize your procurement supply chain in Europe through a dedicated platform”.


The aim is to unlocking new trends in the European e-commerce market, and deepen the connections with the European market


At the round table, Hong Zhou, one of the founders of cross-border communication and data expert, Chong Chen, independent station operation expert, Dongqing Zhang, general manager of EU-China Logistics Incubator, and Ken Zhao, CEO of OBOR, four cross-border e-commerce experts started a discussion on “The new trend of European e-commerce market, how can Chinese sellers expand”, and deeply analyzed some of the new trends in the current e-commerce market in Europe, how to choose a platform for sellers in the European market, reasonable tax avoidance, reduce logistics costs, SEO and localization. New ideas are provided for operations.

Tianyu Yang, CEO of Ninolac (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (Belourthe) and national registered clinical pediatrician, focused on the scale of the maternal and child industry in Europe and the advantages of maternal and child products with the title of “European maternal and child products market – the next potential blue ocean”. Explaining and pointing out the new direction of the selection for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Ruijiao Zhang also introduced the cross-border alliance’s  trade solutions and logistics clearance programs as well as overseas brand landing plans to help Chinese sellers get into the European market.





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