Central Europe-China: the number of freight trains doubles



According to Zhengzhou Customs, a transportation hub in Henan Province, the number of freight trains between Zhengzhou and Europe has almost doubled in the first half of this year



To confirm the growth of the relationship between China and Europe is also the number of freight trains moving between the two countries. To confirm this growth is the Zhengzho customs, according to which the number of freight trains between Zhengzhou (a transportation hub in the province of Henan, in central China) and Europe has almost doubled in the first half of this year.

Data from the Zhengzhou customs, in particular, talk about the supervision of 539 China-Europe freight trains in the first six months, an increase of 90.5% compared to a year ago. These trains carried 230,000 tons of goods worth 10.8 billion yuan (US $ 1.57 billion), an increase of 54.9% and 11.5% respectively.


Local customs authorities have optimized customs clearance procedures


The initiatives of Zhengzhou also brought this great result. Zhengzhou launched a new rail service for cross-border e-commerce in February and goods valued at over 30 million yuan had been transported in June. Furthermore, the China-Europe freight train service (a significant part of the proposed Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China) was launched in 2011 and has grown rapidly.

Zhengzhou, which launched the first such service in July 2013, has become an international transport hub with regular freight train services in over 100 cities in Europe and Central Asia. Over time, preferential tax policies have been adopted to facilitate the service.




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