In Chengdu, the first community that uses 5G technology



The China United Network Communications Group of Hong Kog started the pilot tests


In Chengdu, the China United Network Communications Group of Hong Kong, one of the two largest operators in the country, has started pilot tests to make 5G technology use a first Chinese community. The test, of course, is part of the Chinese project to quickly promote the application of fifth generation wireless technology.

In Chengdu, a megalopolis in southwest China, residents can enjoy the network with a peak speed of 400 million bits per second. In particular, users can benefit from 5G wireless home broadband without complex processes such as connection with optical fibers.


The speed of the 5G network is also much faster than that of cable broadband


To give this information is Su Hang, deputy general manager of the Chengdu unit of China Unicom, who adds that the biggest advantage of the 5G network is the fact that the connection of multiple devices does not slow it down, allowing a smooth experience even if more users watch videos and play at the same time. All connesi then, and without problems.

China Unicom will also prepare the tests in other areas, such as the city’s railway station, the panda breeding base and the business districts.



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