China: 127 Key Special Railway Lines Under Construction By 2020




The special lines, amounting to 1,586 km, should reduce the number of short shuttle trips



China, which has always been attentive to its rail network, will plan and build 127 special key railway lines by 2020, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.

These special lines, for a total length of 1,586 km, should reduce the number of short shuttle trips, increase traffic efficiency and improve economic and social benefits, as confirmed by the NDRC.


The lines will connect 80% of the country’s main coastal ports


China has published a guideline for accelerating the construction of special railway lines, promising to guarantee that 80% of the main coastal ports, large industrial and mining companies and new logistics parks will be accessible by special lines by 2020.

The scale will reach 85% by 2025, with all the main ports along the Yangtze River accessible by rail, according to guidelines released in recent days.


The trains for China means also trade connections


After all, China not only wants to significantly increase the total mileage of its railways, but also and above all aims to progress in the technology and speed of its trains. At the beginning of next year, according to the president of the company responsible for super-fast locomotives, the country intends to launch the third generation of magnetic levitation trains.

Trains that also mean commercial connections for China. The number of freight trains between Zhengzhou (a transportation hub in the province of Henan, central China) and Europe, in fact, has almost doubled in the first half of this year.

The Zhengzhou customs data, in particular, talk about the supervision of 539 China-Europe freight trains in the first six months, with an increase of 90.5% compared to a year ago. These trains carried 230,000 tons of goods worth 10.8 billion yuan ($ 1.57 billion), an increase of 54.9% and 11.5% respectively.




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