China, 1,374 drones flying over Xi’an: but the exhibition fails



Ehang has deployed a fleet of 1,374 drones during the Labor Day show


A strange record is that of the Chinese company Ehang, which beat the Guinness world for the largest number of drones used during an air show. Indeed, the 1,374 drones that flew over Xi’an for 13 minutes within a kilometre during Labor Day, were not well coordinated with each other.

The live images of the show, in fact, showed that about half of the drones in flight were in disarray. This resulted in the failure to design Chinese characters for “Running Xi’an”, “New Era” and other phrases. To these written, never realized given the misalignment, must also be added “1374” (the number of drones used) and “5.1” (date of the event).


The drones were supposed to perform a choreography of 1,200 meters per 100 depth


The drones, according to a statement published by Ehang on Weibo, should have risen to a height of about 260 meters above the walls of Xi’an, then creating a suspended display measuring 1,200 meters in length and 100 meters in depth.

The Guangzhou company has also been paid in a fragrant way for the realization of the show: the beauty of 10.5 million yuan (about $ 1.6 million). This is confirmed by the announcement published on the official platform for information on public procurement managed by the Ministry of Finance.

Ehang, meanwhile, is preparing an explanation for the incident that will be released in the coming days, according to a company spokesperson. The administration of the city of Xi’an, however, was refused any hypothesis of comment on the incident.


The use of drones in shows is becoming a habit in China


Already used in logistics, transport and agriculture, the deployment of remote controlled drones intended as entertainment has become increasingly popular in public performance in China.

For example, drone producers such as ZeroTech and High Great provided 300 fixtures for the 2018 edition of the CCTV New Year’s Gala – also known as the Spring Festival Gala – an annual variety show broadcast for the Lunar New Year, which reaches 800 million spectators.


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