China, 60,000 tons of tobacco from Mozambique by 2020




This was confirmed by the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, who sees sales as an improvement for local farmers



A change of forces in the international tobacco market. In fact, China will import around 60,000 tons of tobacco produced in Mozambique by February next year. This was confirmed by a direct and authoritative source as the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi.

The President’s words were reported during a mass demonstration in the district of Angonia, in the northwestern province of Tete, and then transmitted by the national radio service. “In the first phase, China will import over 60,000 tons of tobacco, making it the second-largest buyer of Mozambican tobacco” he said.


Not only tobacco but also cane sugar, sesame, cashew nuts and peas


According to Nyusi, the idea is to diversify the market to guarantee competitiveness in the offer and to increase the production of the product. In addition to tobacco, in fact, China will purchase from Mozambique over 90,000 tons of cane sugar, 150,000 tons of sesame, 30,000 tons of cashews and 200 tons of peas.

“At the moment we had only one buyer, India, and it was not economically secure,” said the president, adding that it is now necessary to guarantee the quality of these products to be exported to a partner as important as China. Finally, Nyusi said that product sales aim to improve the lives of local farmers economically.




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