China, here is the most accurate atomic clock in the world



The clock has passed all the scheduled tests, which were held in orbit in the Chinese Tiangong-2 space laboratory


A Chinese-made cold atomic clock has lost only one second of precision over 30 million years! The experiment was held in orbit for two years in the Chinese space laboratory Tiangong-2, as reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The clock in question is more precise than most atomic clocks and is expected to make GPS systems more capable and accurate once applied to this technology.

Scientists at the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics have spent more than 10 years to finally manage this clock in space, the first in the world to be applied in that context.


The experiment appears as a milestone in the development of atomic clocks sensors


The scientists, thanks to hard work, have solved the key problems, including the physical system of the cold atomic clock in a microgravity environment, the preparation of cold atoms for long-term autonomous operation and the manipulation of the laser optical system.

The result was published in the international scientific journal Nature Communications on July 24th and is considered a milestone in the development of space-based cold space-based sensors.

The clock is the first cold atomic clock in the world that works in space and has completed all the programmed scientific objectives.



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