China, the control authorities block two school education apps



HDzuoye and Namibox were also fined with a fine for the vulgar and immoral contents they proposed


The Chinese authorities have blocked two education apps that contain “inappropriate” content. In fact, the Office of Combating Pornography and Illegal Publications ordered HDzuoye, a post-school tutoring platform, to close its mobile app and pay a fine of RMB 50,000 (about $ 7,300).

The app in question is accused of redirecting users, and therefore students, to online gaming platforms. Likewise, Namibox also received a fine of RMB 80,000 and was ordered to remove problematic parts of its app, which allegedly contains immoral content.


The Ministry of Education has banned 28 educational apps deemed “harmful”


In line with a national cyberspace clean-up campaign initiated by the central government, the Chinese authorities operating at various levels are pushing to remove what they consider inappropriate from the Internet, including some mobile games and “vulgar” or immoral content.

Last week, in this sense, the Chinese Ministry of Education banned 28 educational apps deemed “harmful” in schools. Stricter monitoring of online training services has begun since these new technologies, such as live streaming and online lessons, are playing a more significant role in the Chinese education system.



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