China, first licence plate for electric car produced by a technological company


The license plate will be issued in Guangzhou for a Xiaopeng Motors startup car


Epochal turnaround for electric cars in China. Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese startup that has placed its focus on new mobility, should receive a special license plate for its models, directly from the departments of Guangzhou. In the event that the rumours are confirmed, this would be the first time ever in which a Chinese municipality issues an official plate for electric cars produced by a technological company.

Although the electric car is becoming more widespread, it seems difficult for the technology companies involved to make a switch to mass production. A regulatory gap, in fact, puts these manufacturers in a lower position than the big giants they aim to oust, such as GM or VW.

The regulatory problem at issue, at least until now, had not allowed the production of electric car number license plates produced by technology companies. All this, over time, has slowed down the project to see all-electric cars on China’s city streets.


The Chinese government is rapidly adapting to new mobility technologies


So far, in order to circulate freely, electric cars produced by the big names of the technology industry like XPENG, NIO or WM Motor, received a sort of temporary license plate. Now, however, it seems that the companies in question are gaining ground to put themselves at the same level as their traditional competitors.

Moreover, the nascent Chinese electricity sector is exploding rapidly with the emergence of numerous authoritative names. The government is also rapidly adapting to new mobility technologies. Suffice it to say that NIO and SAIC Motor have just received the licenses for the road tests of their driverless vehicles.

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