China, how the fashion market changes between social and streaming



The phenomenon was fueled by Chinese Whispers, one of the most important news containers on the luxury industry in China


Novelties are always important, especially in the sector of luxury, which often dictates new trends and new fashions. Chinese Whispers is one of the most important news containers in the luxury industry in China. In the last issue, it focused on fundamental issues for the luxury trade in the Asian country: the new content creation tool for Little Red Book (the live streaming), two new Burberry stores in Shanghai and the Chinese sportswear brand Li Ning at the Spring Fashion Week in Paris spring/summer 2020


Little Red Book has launched a live-streaming feature

As for Little Red Book, the social commerce app is testing its live streaming feature for users. In an official statement, Little Red Book admitted that it had already invited some of its influencers to try the feature, hoping that live streaming could become an important interactive tool in real time for influencers who interact with their fans.


Burberry opened two stores in Shanghai to promote the “Thomas Burberry” monogram

The British luxury brand Burberry, on the other hand, recently launched two new boutique stores in IFC and IAPM shopping centers in Shanghai. One of the brand’s marketing ideas was the presentation of a one-week pop-up to focus on promoting his “Thomas Burberry” monogram.


Li Ning at Paris fashion week

But China talks about fashion and luxury even abroad. Chinese sportswear Li Ning presented its Spring / Summer 2020 collection at the Paris Men Fashion Week on June 22nd. In recent years, the brand has embarked on a journey to show itself in the major international fashion weeks and improve its brand position and credibility.



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