China with the new year could fall in love with Peppa Pig



Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies in association with Entertainment One


Entertainment One, listed in London, is the owner of the cartoon character called Peppa Pig and on Tuesday, the beloved pink pig makes its big screen debut in China, with a film, while the Chinese New Year is celebrated in Beijing.

All this interest obviously arises because this will be for China the Year of the Pig, and Peppa Pig is increasing its presence in the country. Peppa Pig is now a worldwide success and the brand accounts for about 62 percent of the Entertainment One’s Family & Brands division of the London media group.

China has also been hit by the phenomenon: inaugurated for the first time in China in June 2015, the animated series has accumulated 60 billion views on state CCTV and video services such as Tencent, iQIYI and Youku. Live licensing agreements have gone from 22 in 2017 to 43 last year and over 45 million books have been sold since launch in 2016.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there are about 95 million children under the age of 5 in China


Olivier Dumont, president of Family & Brands at Entertainment One, said: “It is a great opportunity. China as a whole for us as a business is really important. China over the past few years has really opened up internationally and as a result is becoming one of our main partners for content making, funding and as a market place.”

” The way we see it, it is an almost normalising of China in being an important market and trading partner for us, in the same way as the US or UK. It is up there as one of the main territories in all areas of our business: development, production, distribution “.


On Tuesday Entertainment One will release the film “Peppa celebrating the Chinese New Year”, in collaboration with the Chinese Alibaba Pictures  


In particular, on Tuesday, Entertainment One will publish the film Peppa celebrating the Chinese New Year, in collaboration with the Chinese Alibaba Pictures. Furthermore, in early January, two Family & Brands vice-presidents were hired to open an office in Shanghai, “amping our presence” in China, he said.

A specific merchandising for China has also been created, in line with the growing importance of the market. Peppa Pig products sold globally were withdrawn from China in the last quarter of 2018 and a line of toys exclusively for the country was launched through a partnership with the toy manufacturer Alpha Group.

“That is the first clear sign that we are adapting to local needs and tastes. We are appointing local licensees to create products which are adapted for the China market,” said Dumont.



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