China, Oreo collaborates with the Beijing Forbidden City for a new line of biscuits



The biscuit brand has released flavors like “Green Tea Cake”, “Red Bean Cake” and “Hawthorn Berries”


What does China taste like for one of the most famous biscuit brands in the world? The American brand Oreo cookies is trying to find out. In particular, as part of its latest Tmall Super Brand Day campaign, Oreo launched six new imperial-inspired flavors, created in collaboration with Beijing’s Forbidden City, formally known as the Palace Museum.

The flavors that will probably come even outside China are flavors like “Green Tea Cake”, “Red Bean Cake” and “Hawthorn Berries”, as well as “Lychee-Rose Cake”, which was said to be a favorite of the emperor Qing Kangxi. But not only sweet flavors, for other tastes, in fact, Oreo offers savory options, such as “Cantonese grilled pork pastry” and “Pepper spicy pastry”.


Oreo has sold more than 760,000 boxes on its first day of sales


But how is the packaging? Consumers can buy the complete assortment in a two-level box, which resembles the packaging of traditional Chinese sweets, such as moon cakes, incorporating the precious painting of the Forbidden City “The twelve beauties” into his design. Alternatively, they can also choose to buy single-flavor boxes or gift sets that come with a special edition Oreo Music Box, a cardboard turntable that plays traditional Chinese music when consumers put an Oreo cookie on top.

Sales immediately started well. Oreo sold more than 760,000 boxes on its first day of sale, on May 23, on Tmall, the B2C e-commerce site of Alibaba Group. The campaign has also added over 260,000 new followers to its flagship store, attracting more followers in just one day compared to all of 2018! At the end of the day, a promotional video of 10,600 animated Oreo cookies, recreating the Forbidden City, had attracted 780 million views. A great result!


The collaboration with the Palace Museum marks a major milestone for Oreo


The collaboration with the Palace Museum marks a “great milestone for Oreo, to draw deeply on the local Chinese market and win the hearts of consumers,” said Joost Vlaanderen, president of Mondelēz Greater China. Mondelēz has some of the most famous snack brands in the world, including Ritz Crackers, Cadbury and Toblerone.

The Chinese-style cookies and shortbread cookies that were served in the building have “left a lot of space for our imagination to create something fun, like Oreo biscuits that travel through time to ancient times to meet emperors,” said Vlaanderen.


Oreo used Tmall’s Super Brand Day solution for the first time four years ago


The Super Brand Day of Tmall, a marketing tool that collects all the resources of the Alibaba ecosystem to create a reduced version of the annual sale, has certainly contributed to Oreo’s success. The day brings together innovative brand experiences and content collaborations with exclusive benefits and special offers for consumers. Oreo used the solution for the first time four years ago, as the centenary brand sought to expand its reach beyond “families with children” to millennials in China.

Oreo has since launched campaign innovations every year, such as the Oreo Music Box launched in 2016 – and updated in 2017 – or the DJ Mixer released last year that allows consumers to mix over 500 combinations of songs during snacks. This year has certainly achieved great success.




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