China plans strategies to recycle electric car batteries



Lithium batteries used to power electric cars, once their life cycle is over, can become a serious danger to the environment


In order to guarantee a healthy development of the sector and protect the environment, China plans to recycle electric vehicle batteries. This is confirmed by the same Chinese technicians who currently have to manage the first batch of lithium batteries that has finished its life cycle.

Recycling and utilizing the used batteries is an important measure to protect the environment. To said that is Xin Guobin, a vice-minister of industry and information technology: “It is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also good for recycling resources.”


Without proper disposal, the used batteries will pollute the environment


According to Xi, it is essential to create a national platform to monitor the entire life cycle of electric vehicle batteries from production to disposal. In this way it will be possible for the battery sources to be traceable and the government will be able to effectively control the companies involved in recycling batteries at the end of their life cycle.

Given that China wants to become the world’s first electric vehicle manufacturer, the platform would be a critical step in creating a sustainable economy. With the platform, in fact, China would have a sort of identity document of the batteries, so it will know where the batteries come from and how old they are.


The average service life of lithium batteries is five to eight years


The China Automotive Technology and Research Center estimated that the country would see 120,000 to 200,000 metric tons of batteries disposed of between 2018 and 2020, and 350,000 tons in 2025.

The Chinese government has already moved in the direction of battery recycling. In July, for example, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that Chinese cities and regions would encourage car manufacturers to set up recycling centres and cooperate with battery manufacturers.

In the meantime, battery recycling factories are already being established. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co, for example, collects used e-vehicle batteries and reuses them in other fields, and the recovery rate has reached 99 percent.



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