China, security goal for the industrial Internet



The industrial Internet provides a basis for different sectors of work, hence the importance of security


If the future of the economy is the development of internet technology, the security of the latter becomes fundamental. For this reason, China will intensify its efforts to improve the security of the industrial internet. In particular, as confirmed by an official of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in recent days, this technology also covers the real economy sector.

As an important new generation information technology, the industrial Internet provides a basis for different sectors of work. As confirmed by Wang Xinzhe, head economist of MIIT, during a conference, among these are the digital sector, intelligent manufacturing and the updating of the manufacturing industry.


The security sector in China is closely linked to technological research


To solve this new challenge, the ministry will distribute related documents and improve the safety management system for the industrial Internet, in order to promote a complete, deep and diversified development order for the sector.

Moreover, China will strengthen research, development and application of industrial products and technologies connected to the Internet.



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