China studies the ethics of videogames



The new committee consists of experts and scholars on youth problems and game-related issues


All over the world there are cases where children are too easily influenced by the video games they play with. Cases of violence and loneliness increase. In China, where this issue is deeply felt, the government has decided to set up a group of studies to analyze the ethics of videogames.

Probably going against profit for the health of its citizens, China has decided to block or modify some games. The Online Games Ethics Committee evaluated an initial batch of 20 video game titles, of which nine were rejected for publication in China, and 11 titles requiring changes.


The recent creation of the Online Games Ethics Committee comes amid concerns of gaming addiction and myopia among the country’s youth


This tightening of control over China’s gaming industry, which has seen an increase in regulation throughout the year, will serve to protect young people from addictions to games and myopia.

According to state-owned media, the new committee, which was first publicized, is made up of experts and scholars on youth issues and gaming-related issues, as well as officials from relevant government agencies. The committee will conduct ethical assessments of online content, providing decision-making recommendations to government departments.



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