China, technology for the disabled




Technology companies in China are stepping up efforts to make life easier for disabled people



China, always at the forefront of technology, has decided to direct its discoveries in the sector to help disabled people. To confirm this, Hong Zhuo, a blind masseur in the northeast of Beijing, calls his intelligent technology assistant his “eyes”.

In particular, using only his voice, Zhuo is able to fine-tune, since the intelligent assistant is able to understand his orders, the temperature in his massage room, control lamps, air conditioners and other connected devices thanks to the artificial intelligence (IA) and the Internet of Things.


Start-up in Beijing, but now the phenomenon is spreading throughout China


Hong is one of the beneficiaries of a “tech-for-good” campaign by the Chinese giant Baidu, which aims to help blind people enjoy a fuller life. “It made my job and my life easier and more fun. I feel emancipated, like in a new world,” Hong said.

In addition to Beijing, Baidu has equipped some massage rooms managed by blind people in six cities, including Guangzhou and Chengdu, with its series of smart Xiaodu flagship speakers, which operates on DuerOS, Baidu’s conversational AI system.


China has about 85 million disabled people


Technology companies like Baidu in China are stepping up efforts to make life easier for disabled people by applying the latest technologies like AI. According to the Federation of Disabled Persons of China, China has about 85 million disabled people, with about 12 million people who have visual impairments and 20 million who have a hearing loss.

Lyu Shiming, director of the CDPF office to promote accessibility for disabled people, said: “We are witnessing a wave of technological accessibility improvement for disabled people. Innovation and the application of technology they can be the eyes, the ears and other of the people “.




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