China, temporary licenses to operators for the 5G



Temporary licenses will allow a large-scale implementation compared to those for pilot tests


Miao Wei, who heads the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), said the government agency will grant a batch of 5G temporary licenses to mobile operators in many cities in China this year, highlighting the intense efforts of the country to commercialize this technology.

In an interview with the national CCTV broadcaster, Miao noted that China plans to push large-scale construction of 5G networks while accelerating the launch of 5G services in terminal devices, such as smartphones.


The government from the southwestern city of Chengdu said it had opened the country’s first 5G-enabled subway station


Temporary licenses, in particular, will allow a large-scale implementation compared to those that have been granted so far for pilot tests. So far, China Mobile and China Unicom national carriers have launched 5G pilots in 17 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Wuhan.

The country’s largest mobile operator, China Mobile, is expected to sell 5G compatible devices as of July, providing users with grants ranging from RMB 100 million (about $ 15 million) and RMB 200 million.


The central government has encouraged companies and administrations to use 5G technology in the country


In addition to the large-scale launch of consumer electronics, the industry regulatory body stressed China’s plans to improve its public transportation system by leveraging 5G network technology.

The next-generation of wireless networks will be deployed on traffic lights and smart vehicles, creating a massive network of interconnected travelers, automobiles, and highways,”  said Miao. Previously the minister said he expected China’s intelligent connected vehicles sector to exceed RMB 100 billion in market value by 2020.




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