China, the most sought work is the artificial intelligence engineer



The working position is up by 111% compared to the previous year


Are you looking for a job in China? If you are an expert in artificial intelligence you have excellent chances to find it. The graduates of artificial intelligence (AI), in fact, have become the most requested talent in China. The central government is accelerating efforts to prepare its workforce for a technology-based economy.

The government’s effort to create the future Chinese economy has brought the positions of image recognition engineer to the top of the list of the most requested jobs, up 111% over the previous year. Following, following a government list, work in medical research, development and gaming activities, which grow respectively by 88% and 84% on an annual basis.

In total, 6 out of 15 of the most requested jobs are AI-related, including speech recognition, image processing, and recommendation algorithm roles.


China has been more focused on developing leading technologies


“Artificial intelligence is really popular in the labor market in China and employers offer high-wage packages,” Erich Duan, a graduate student at Beijing Institute of Technology, told TechNode. “However, it is not easy to be a true AI professional as an engineer of the algorithm, for example.”

China has been more focused on developing leading technologies, including artificial intelligence, new vehicles for energy and biotechnology, in an effort to push the country towards the international value chain. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also called for greater investment in big data and AI during his report at the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing.



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