China, Tourism Becomes Social With MaFengWo And Qyer




More and more Chinese organize trips independently, also thanks to platforms like MaFengWo and Qyer



More and more Chinese people travel abroad to enjoy the beauty of the outside world. It is expected that in 2021 there will be over 200 million Chinese tourists leaving the country.

Thanks to the popularity of the Internet and mobile phones – which allow greater freedom of information exchange in combination with a growing number of young, sophisticated and world-oriented Chinese consumers – independent travel has been increasingly common and preferable over traditional packages tourist.

This type of travel allows people to explore destinations in their own way; with their personalized programs, activities and deadlines that incorporate their personal preferences, habits and hobbies. In the service of this trend, there have been several platforms designed to help these free and independent travellers plan and book their trips in an easy and convenient way.


MaFengWo is also an OTA platform where independent bookings can be made


MaFengWo is a Chinese social media-travel platform, where users share or read detailed travel guides, reviews, tips and all kinds of information about a destination such as hotels, activities, weather, shopping, places of interest and more.

Considering that young Chinese seek and plan their journeys in strict advance, MaFengWo and its rich user-generated content is an important place to do so.

MaFengWo is also an OTA platform where users can book or make reservations for transport, hotels, commercials, catering, shopping and leisure, covering over 60,000 destinations worldwide. Since 2006 MaFengWo has helped 120,000,000 travelers a month and is considered the “travel Bible” of the younger generation.

In travel articles written by users you can find information about a destination, as well as suggestions, photos, suggested routes and personal comments provided by other travellers.

These articles are incredibly detailed, with pictures and instructions on how to make the most of a trip to the area where the article is concentrated. Before users make their final travel decision, they can use travel blogs on potential destinations and then make their travel decisions based on the life experiences of other travellers.


MaFengWo also offers the possibility of buying travel items


Furthermore, MaFengWo is also a shop where you can buy travel items, offering a fascinating range of travel products and services that cover everything you can think of. From hotel reservations to airport transfer services, transportation tickets, visas, SIM cards or other travel products; all in one website!

There are many other similar communities of content generated by small users in the Chinese market, but a well-known competitor in the tourist community category is Qyer. Founded in Germany in 2004 (now based in Beijing), it was originally a travel community of overseas Chinese who shared their experiences and suggestions on how to travel in Europe.

Over the years, the online community has evolved into a “single outbound travel platform”. Its products now include everything a traveller needs. Indeed, Qyer aims to make travel abroad more affordable and cheaper for Chinese tourists.

Among the main products are the online community, where the posts (which can contain up to 500 comments) are divided between articles on travel in various destinations and themed items, such as family trips, photography and cruises. QYER sees more than 6,000 new items added by traveler users every day.

Another product offered is the travel planning app, where users can spend less than a minute to get a travel plan, simply by entering the basic factors: city of departure and return, destinations, journey time and preferences for variables such as the mode of transport and the pace of travel.

Finally, an e-commerce sector is present. A platform designed to facilitate independent travel abroad, offering air tickets, tickets to scenic spots and other tourist attractions, visa services and so on.





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