China, workplace safety record in July


Ministry data report 14 fewer deaths than in the same month last year



The Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management has given excellent news for China and for Chinese workers. In particular, China reported solid production safety records in July, with fewer accidents and production-related deaths compared to the same period last year.

According to data from the ministry, there were 14 fewer deaths than in the same month last year, while accidents and moderately serious deaths in July fell by 24.4% and 28.2% respectively on an annual basis.


China introduced a regulation on production safety in April



Unfortunately, chemical plants and coal mines still represent the most dangerous places. Just think of the deaths of 15 people in a gas factory on July 19 in the province of Henan, in central China.

Obviously, the positive data of the last few years are also the result of greater prevention. For example, in view of a potential wave of catastrophes such as typhoons, floods and landslides in August, the Chinese ministry also urged local authorities to raise an alarm in the event of disasters and alarm production personnel and residents in the affected areas.


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