During China’s National Holiday, consumption in Second-tier city surpasses First-tier in China


On October 7th, Alipay released the overseas consumption data of Chinese people during the National Holiday this year


The data shows that the trend of Chinese overseas consumption upgrading is significant, and the global mobile payment boom is ushered in around the world.

Among them, the number of mobile payments in the UK’s Bicester Village increased by 90 times year-on-year, the Osaka Dotonbori business district in Japan increased 70 times, and the Sydney Airport in Australia increased 55 times.


“Convenient and safe” Chinese tourists bring mobile payments to the world. Chinese tourists have been the largest source country for overseas travel for five consecutive years.


Looking at the National Holiday week in 2018, the number of overseas tourists is as high as 7 million. The data of Alipay shows that the trend of overseas travel consumption upgrading is significant. Among them, the performance of overseas consumption of second-tier cities is eye-catching.

Fuzhou’s 70% per capita consumption growth rate surpassed Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou for the first time (45% in Beijing, 60% in Shanghai, 28% in Shenzhen, and 27% in Guangzhou), making it the fastest growing overseas mobile payment consuming city. Other second-tier cities are also close behind: Hangzhou (50%), Wuhan (31%), Tianjin (30%), Chengdu (26%), and Chongqing (21%).


In addition, all consumption age groups have shown strong trends in overseas consumption.


Among them, the number of overseas travel consumption after the “60s” surged by 90%, ranking first in the growth rate. This means that more and more Chinese aunts and Chinese uncles have chosen mobile payment when they leave the country. The “70s” and “80s” overseas travel experienced the largest increase in per capita consumption, reaching 35%.

It is the Chinese people’s payment habits that accompany the upgrade of overseas consumption. Nielsen‘s research data shows that 90% of Chinese tourists surveyed said that they are more willing to pay with mobile phones. Convenience, money saving, security, etc. are the main reasons for users to pay with mobile phones.


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