The Chinese company Didi is looking for drivers in Mexico


Mexico is one of Uber Technologies Inc’s most prized and profitable markets and Didi wants to knock out Uber from that comfortable zone.


Thanks to its commanding market share in China, Didi Chuxing Technology Co is the world’s largest ride-hailing firm by number of rides. Late last year, Didi started laying plans for Mexico and now the Chinese ride-hailing company has publicly launched in Mexico with a website advertising its service to drivers and passengers.

Going on Didi’s site you can read that the company plans to open officially very soon in Mexico. In view of the official opening Didi has decided, also to hinder Uber, to make special rates for drivers. The company says it will take no cut of fares until June 17 with a 20 percent cut of fares, slightly lower than Uber’s commission in most markets. Not only that, bonuses are also provided for drivers who invite and recruit new drivers.

What is the situation of Uber in Mexico? According to Dalia Research, a Berlin-based consumer research firm, Uber held 87 percent of the market in Mexico in August, its highest share in Latin America. It is not yet known what will be the city from which Didi will leave, but it is certain that the war between Uber and Didi will be long.


In 2016, Uber sold its China business to Didi after losing billions


Operating in Mexico, where there is a high crime rate, can create problems for Didi, but also for this reason the Chinese company has found a solution: Didi will offer drivers and passengers a security button on its app that will connect them with police and other emergency contacts.

For now it is certain that the car sharing service will soon be in Mexico, but it is not excluded that Didi in the future can also think of other means of transportation such as motorcycles or bicycles.


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