Chinese cosmetics companies gain Australian following


Australian beauty buffs buy up Chinese brand JALA Group on Tmall


JALA Group is one of China’s premier cosmetics and skincare companies. Despite the global availability of an increasing amount of goods, from luxury fashion to lipstick, China’s health and beauty have often been overlooked.

Now one Chinese company is looking to change all that. JALA Group is on a trip with Tmall, Alibaba’s luxury goods e-commerce platform to major Australian cities including Melbourne and Sydney. The company is not only showing off its products, it’s showcasing the New Retail model that’s become the hallmark of Chinese consumerism.

The company has a handful of new smart products to attract the attention of consumers. An Augmented Reality (AR) smart mirror lets customers take a photo of their face with a webcam or mobile phone camera and test makeup virtually. A desktop version of the app lets users add products to a cart for digital purchase by scanning a QR code that appears on the screen. The device is called the “Magic Mirror”.


JALA reached a strategic consensus with Tmall to increase global market share and their first stop is Australia


JALA’s top brands include CHANDO and MAYSU, and they’re gaining traction in the Australian market. One shopper said that the products were well-designed and were sold at a great price point. Another shopper said that that the CHANDO face mask was her favorite.

Wu Meng, president of sales for JALA Group said that JALA had reached a strategic consensus with Tmall to increase global market share, and their first stop is Australia.

“We believe wellness and beauty are interdependent and interrelated. So, our goal is to make more high-qualified beauty products like CHANDO’s, and move to global market. Also, we want to share our brand concept of ‘you are born to be beautiful’ with the world,” she said according to PR Newswire Asia.

Shanghai-based JALA Group was started in 2001 and has since formed four distinct brands: MAYSU, CHANDO, BOTANICAL WISDOM, and Insea. JALA has a ten-year plan to become a leader in cosmetics in China and to enter the international market, establishing its beauty brands as world-class.



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