Chinese Internet users continue to increase



According to the semi-annual report of the China Internet Network Information Center, there are now 802 million Internet users in China


The China Internet Network Information Center, or CNNIC, is the administrative agency responsible for Internet affairs under the Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China.  In its latest semi-annual report, the Chinese agency has shown data that confirm that China now has over 802 million Internet users active in the country.

Data does not stop at the number of active users, but they also explain what users do on the internet. According to the report, 71% of the total number of people online is buying and paying online and the use of online financial services has increased by more than 30% in the last 6 months.


China added 29.68 million internet users in the first half of 2018


The number of people who watch short videos reached 74.1%. Ride-hailing users reached 43.2%, while bike rental users climbed to 30.6% of the total number of internet users, with an increase of  20.8% and 11% respectively.

Beijing is the province with the greatest penetration of the Internet and, according to the agency, this is also due to the fact that: “Because of the gap in local economic development and Internet infrastructure construction, the digital divide still exists”.


The cumulative number of WeChat Civic Services users in China had reached 417 million by the end of December 2017


Due to a high correlation between Internet development level and economic growth rate in different regions, highest Internet penetration rates are mainly seen in eastern provinces while lowest rates mainly in southwestern provinces,” said the report of CNNIC.

In confirmation of the fact that the big Chinese tech industries are collaborating for the development of the country’s future, the data that 42.1% of internet users obtained government services through Alipay or WeChat city service platform.



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