Chinese online railway ticket office, passenger data leaked


According to Beijing police, thieves have stolen personal information from nearly 5 million people


Security issues for the Chinese online train ticketing. In fact, some thieves have stolen personal information from nearly 5 million people from an unconfirmed number of ticket booking platforms. To confirm the theft was the Beijing police, who arrested a suspect in the case.

The compromised data included names, identification numbers and passwords and, according to media reports, the most affected online booking platform was that of China Railway (CR), which suffered a massive data breach, with information subsequently sold on the dark web. CR later denied the claims in a Weibo post, saying no users’ information was hacked.


12306 is one of the world’s busiest websites during the first few months of the year


Police and the capital’s cybersecurity watchdog said an investigation led to the arrest of a 25-year-old suspect who works for an internet company in the city’s Xicheng District. Since a single user account can contain data from multiple passengers, police said the suspect was able to access the personal details of an additional 4.1 million people, for a total of 4.7 million travelers.

According to police, the suspect purchased the details of 600,000 user accounts on the dark web. Unfortunately, China’s official railway ticketing service has also been the subject of data loss rumors in the past. In June 2018, for example, the platform was accused of having 30 million infected information and sold for 10 bitcoins. The officials immediately denied the requests, yet the reported losses led users to complain about the ticketing service on social media.




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