Cifnews Global Conference 2018



January 11-12, 2018 || Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shenzhen


Thousands of industry professionals attend the 2018 Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference and Partners Dinner organized by Cifnews in Shenzhen, China’s tech capital. The event, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, brought to the stage the biggest names in the industry for 2 days of conference, in front of over 1300 people.



The conference connected major players in the global e-commerce supply chain, including international sellers, payment platforms, service providers, and logistics providers, allowing them to collaborate and strategize business initiatives.

Along with selected guests from Europe, United States and Asia, all the major international cross-border e-commerce players were present, including speeches from Facebook, Google, DHL, and PayPal executives. Chinese industry leaders Tencent and Alibaba also attended, providing crucial insights to international players that hope to enter the Chinese market.




CCEE Hangzhou

cifnews 03/03/2018

CCEE Shenzhen

cifnews 01/03/2018

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