Cifnews In-depth: Five AliExpress Forecasts for 2018


In 2017, AliExpress was still improving its product quality and codes of practice. So what’s in store for 2018? Cifnews invited Gaman Zhou, a top seller on, to expound.

Forecast One: Intellectual Property Protection Awareness Will Gradually Strengthen

It is plain to see from Aliexpress’policy regulations that its awareness of intellectual property protection is constantly growing. Mr. Zhou told Cifnews that AliExpress will put pressure on sellers who engage in copyright infringement.

Forecast Two: More Support for Regular Sellers

In 2018, AliExpress will make greater improvements and support for regular sellers’ products and brands.

Forecast Three: AliExpress Will Focus on Logistics in 2018

Recently, AliExpress has complained that its logistics are not as good as other platforms. In Zhou’s opinion, AliExpress will focus on logistics in 2018 because platforms cannot improve their operation and policy without a strong base of logistics and frictionless customer experience.

Forecast Four: Stricter Brand End Management

Since Feb. 16, 2017, AliExpress implemented brand end management to improve sellers’ product quality and standardize management. Products involved included portable power sources, USB cables, wedding dresses, shoes, menswear, digital projectors, and computer CPUs and GPUs. According to the rule, brands that are not invited or do not pass check, cannot stay in AliExpress.

Forecast Five: Double 11 Is Mission Critical

Gaman Zhou said frankly, “AliExpress will pay most attention to Double 11 because Double 11 is now a global shopping holiday.”

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