Cifnews wholly merges and acquires OBOR Consulting


OBOR Consulting of Padua, Italy to become subsidiary of Cifnews Europe


A few days ago, Cifnews and OBOR Consulting, a European consulting company, signed a merger and acquisition agreement in Padua, Italy. From this date, OBOR Consulting will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cifnews Europe.

OBOR Consulting is a company that offers a one-stop solution for brand operations of European companies. Its capabilities include industrial product design, brand design, market research, brand promotion and operation, social media operations, and e-commerce platform operations.


OBOR Consulting offers one-stop brand operations for Chinese companies entering the European market


After being acquired by and merging with Cifnews, OBOR Consulting will shift its focus to the Chinese market. On the one hand, it helps European brands access the Chinese market. On the other hand, it provides the one-stop services for Chinese enterprises to develop overseas business in the European market.

The merger and acquisition agreement is not only an important step in the internationalization strategy of Cifnews, it also accelerates the integration of Cifnews’ high-quality resources overseas, empowers more Chinese export companies to develop overseas businesses, helps the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese enterprises and injects new power into the development of China’s cross-border e-commerce industry.

OBOR Consulting is headquartered in Italy. It provides services including product design, brand design, market research, homepage and self-built station construction, SEO and PPC, e-commerce platform operations, social media marketing, email marketing and positioning, and can also help Chinese companies set up shop in Europe. The services are divided into three stages, including market analysis, brand promotion and control, and management of distribution processes. The consultancy can also hire local professionals to carry out these tasks.


Cross-border e-commerce is leveling the playing field of Chinese trade with the world


China’s cross-border e-commerce industry has begun to innovate: traditional offline brands are developing overseas businesses, factories are transforming into cross-border e-commerce centers, and industry giants are merging and acquiring. Cifnews, which is adhering to the mission of helping SMEs do better cross-border business through core activities including publishing, online and offline exhibitions, and training modules.

Our CCEE event format is dedicated to the professionals working on imports and exports to and from China. The merger and acquisition of OBOR Consulting will not only help more Chinese companies to develop oversea business, but will also offer advanced global brand marketing experience back to Chinese enterprises, improve the industry service and further establish Cifnews’ leading position in the cross-border e-commerce service market.



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